Running on a Treadmill – Lose Weight and Get Healthy

Exercise is one of the most important activities we engage in to keep our bodies healthy. One of the most effective exercises we can do is run. Running affects many parts of the body in a truly awesome way. From improving or maintaining physical health to improving or maintaining mental health, running is an exercise nearly all of us may take part in when ever we want. Living life takes up much of our time and sometimes we lose the desire to go out and run.

Running on a treadmill from the comfort of home is a fantastic way to lose weight, get healthy and save precious time. I would like to share with you some benefits of running on a treadmill and some tips that will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Physical Benefits

According to the Circulation Journal Report released on April 9, 2018, exercise may be the best defense against heart disease when it runs in your family. The highlights of the study indicated “as fitness increases, heart risk decreases regardless of genetic risk.” The heart is arguably the most important muscle in our body and getting it pumping to make it stronger is one of the most important reasons to begin a running regiment.

For those of us who may not be at our ideal weight, running gives us a great chance to shed those excess pounds. This is because when you run you burn calories and when you burn calories you lose weight. It’s as simple as that!

Other physical benefits of running include increasing endurance, building muscle in your legs and midsection, expanding lung capacity for breathing and even becoming more limber as you work out your muscles from the activity.

Mental Benefits

Have you ever had an awesome run and that night have the most amazing sleep? Implementing a running routine may be as helpful to your mind’s well-being as it is to your bodies physical well-being. When you finish your run you feel euphoric because your body releases endorphins due to the exercise. When you go to sleep that night your body is refreshing itself and for many of us gives us an amazing night of rest.

Everyone of us deals with the stresses of life and we all deal with it in our own ways. A healthy way to relieve stress is to begin running. As mentioned above, the releasing of endorphins helps our brains “take the edge off” in our day to day life.

Tips for Running on a Treadmill

Here are some common sense tips before hopping on a treadmill and running as long and as hard as your little heart desires:

1. Always stretch before you run. The worst and one of the most painful experiences in life is a pulled muscle. Stretching before you run is the best way to eliminate that.

2. Wear comfortable tennis shoes and socks. One of the second most undesirable feelings in the world are blisters on your feet. We have to walk everywhere so make sure you do not get unwanted blisters by wearing inappropriate shoes.

3. Warm up by beginning the work out with walking. Once ready you may implement a brisker walk, jog or faster pace run depending on how in shape you are. It is not wise to go into a full on sprint especially if we are “out of shape.” Once the desired length of your run is achieved, a slow down jog then walk is recommended.

4. Have drinking water readily available. As with most things in life, it is necessary to be well hydrated when exerting energy. Hydration will reduce the chances of cramps and also replenish fluids excreted from sweat.

Set Goals

Set goals for yourself. We all know how tough it can be to get on a machine and exercise. Setting goals will help you. There are no right or wrong goals. It totally depends on you. How in shape are you? You may set goals for stamina and endurance by establishing a timed run. You can set goals by distance or speed. In addition, you are able to set goals by how much weight you lose or how much muscle tone you developed. As you can see, your goals are only limited by your imagination.

Time Saver

What is possibly the only thing as important and priceless as health (besides friends & family of course)? You guessed it Time! Saving precious time is an important aspect of running on a treadmill to get or stay healthy. Today there are so many machines we can purchase to satisfy our exercise regimen from the comfort of home. Busy! Busy! Busy! We hustle through everyday often oblivious to time that could be better spent with our loved ones so why not exercise from home instead of going to the gym.


Make sure you know how to work the machine before getting on! It may sound silly but you have all probably known, if it wasn’t you, someone who fell because the speed was too fast. Read the manual and experiment with the controls while your feet are on the ground. Get a feel for how long it takes the machine to speed up, slowdown, incline and decline. Be sure to understand the timing and work out settings. Always know where the emergency shut down button is. Today, machines are more advanced than ever and it is really important you understand their capabilities.

In Closing

Our bodies are our temples and we only get one. If you haven’t treated your body like you think you should have then let your heart not be troubled, as long as we have air in our lungs we may get our bodies in shape and possibly prolong this wonderful gift called life we all have been blessed with! It doesn’t matter if you only run for 5 minutes or are equipped to run a marathon, the fact that you run is truly one of the ultimate exercises in unlocking your body’s well-being.






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