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I have always been into sports and always believed exercising leads to the ultimate state of well-being. After getting married, raising a daughter and working full time, exercise took a back seat to spend what time was left in the day with my family.

I am the guy who buys a gym membership goes for the first week or two then eventually wonder why in the heck I wasted my money because I am too tired or lazy to go. Excuses I know right? My wife and I eventually invested in an elliptical which gives us the satisfaction of exercising at home in the living room while spending time with each other and our daughter.


I watch my beautiful hardworking wife get up every day and work at least 9 to 12 hours then get home only to make dinner and then go to the gym. She is far more dedicated than me when it comes to the “gym thing.” Lol! However, here is a very important question: Where is her time to spend with her daughter? When she gets back from the gym often it is time for the little one to go to sleep, leaving prayer time and that’s it. The next day the same routine is repeated.
My friends not only is a membership at the gym cost extra money but the time that she spends at this gym is priceless. This is time that I believe would be better served at the comfort of home with family.


The purpose and goal of this website is to ultimately help you find the best Exercise Equipment that will satisfy your needs physically and help you spend more precious and priceless time with your family!
All the best,

Eric Allen



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